Friday, July 04, 2008

Kris Kros Art On Sale

kkart, originally uploaded by Kris Kros.

KK Art Photos on Sale

Just launched where I sell my photos.

I am currently building the site powered by After reviewing all the photo sites available on the web, I love the feedbacks I read about smugmug.

If you decide to try, you may enter my email id or enter code 6pAioAabQFDms upon registration so you will receive a discount and I will get some compensation. You can do the same when you join and start advertising

Since I am just starting this website, I have not uploaded my photos. So, if you want to buy my photos that you found on flickr and they're not posted yet at, please email me at so I can upload them.

Thank you a lot.

If you order, it will help me and my family reach the $10,000 fund that we need to raise and stay in our home.


Anonymous said...

More power to you, my friend... And idol!!!

C'mon guys! Let's support the man!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm supporting you 100 percent Joe!I always thought that you should have done this a long time ago! You have such magnificent images! (p)

LaWatha said...

I can't wait to get my beautiful piece of art framed and hang it on the living room wall. Joe, your work is masterful, and anybody would be proud to own a piece of your art. I hope everybody chips in and helps you out during this difficult time. My best wishes to you, "little brother"!

mimbrava said...

Good luck, Joe. I'm off to find a print to buy...

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